Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Results of Spinal Tap Drainage

Earlier this afternoon, the doctors decided to go ahead with the lumbar spinal tap. This spinal tap involves draining the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the spinal cord in order to decrease the pressure on the brain and to test the fluid. The doctors hoped to extract 5-10cc of CSF. One of the concerns was whether there was "debris" in the CSF. If there was debris, then a shunt could not be placed because it would become clogged. The good news is that the doctors were able to extract the amount of fluid they were hoping to extract (just under 10cc) which means there will be less of the excess pressure on the brain. The other good news is that the fluid came out clear, with no blood. This means that the doctors can place a shunt if they decide this is the best option. Further tests will be run on the fluid.

More good news! The washer and dryer now work. John was able to clear the drain so that the washer could work well. He also said he gave the dryer a kick and now it's working again. John felt that this was a sign that the power of prayer works.

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