Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I went to my occupational therapist Tuesday and since my visit two weeks ago I have improved greatly. She was very impressed with my sitting up. She was very happy with my improvement in movement of my left side. I am tracking better to my left also! She said I am only a month or so behind in some areas, but overall I am hitting several appropriate milestones. My mom asked about my vision and she advised that we pray that my brain continues to heal which it has been doing a lot of lately!

On Thursday July 22nd I saw my neurologist and pediatrician. My neurologist Dr. Gurbani is very impressed with my process. The diagnosis of cerebral palsy is still on the table until my next visit. While cerebral palsy or CP is a scary diagnosis it is generally put as a physical disability that affects various areas of body movement. CP can vary from trouble with fine motor skills (writing, cutting, using utensils) or a learning disability to sever difficulty walking or talking. People with CP can be geniuses or be mentally challanged. So, I could be a smarty pants that can't be a lefty. By the age of 5 we should know the extend of disabilities (if any). :) My Dr. says just to work with my left side two millions times per day and hopefully my brain will rewire itself.
My pediatrician is very impressed with my progress. She said she wouldn't have noticed my left side weakness unless my mom had mentioned it. I am petite in size, but I get to start on solid food. I am 13 lbs. 5 ozs and in the 5% percentile for weight. 15% percentile for height at 25 1/2 inches.

I also am now approved for physical therapy and vision therapy through the Regional Center, the state funded program. I have a visit from a vision therapist through Blind Children's Learning Center on Friday July 30th.

It has been an amazing journey as I turned 6 months this week!

A note from my mom: This has been a long 6 months, but these last few weeks have been so encouraging. Katie is making great strides and is improving almost daily. She still fists her left hand, but some massaging has seemed to help. Little things that others may take for granted are a welcomed sign of accomplishment for Katie. We have to teach her how to hold and grasp things with her left hand. We have to show her how to bring objects to her mouth with her left hand and make her remember that she can use her left hand. We have to remind Katie of her left toes and get her to relax her left toes. But all at the same time remembering that she is improving every day! She is making lots of sounds and learned how to keep her self in a sitting position. Katie does bounce a lot and we will have to wait and see if she is seeking sensory stimulation or if she will outgrow it. It may stop when she can move or when her vision improves or she may always bounce, we have to wait and see! We have to thank God for each milestone hit and each new thing she learns. Katie is a wonderful adorable miracle and a beautiful gift from God! He has a plan and He will carry us through this tiring and challenging time! I thank God daily for Katie and our wonderful friends and family that enable us to care for her! Thank You!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Physical therapy

So far this month has been productive. On June 30th I qualified for physical therapy through the state funded Regional Center of Orange County. This is a good and bad thing. Good because I can get the physical therapy I need and deserve, but bad because it means that I am at least 33% delayed in gross motor skills. The evaluator observed that some of my delays may be as a result of my vision delay. So more good news I also should get vision therapy through Blind Children's Learning Center. I say 'should' because until it is on paper I don't get my hopes up. Many services are done in home and we are praying that I qualify for an in home program.
I had another occupational therapy appointment this week and it went well. I am doing really well in some areas and my mom got exercises for me to do in other areas. I am very strong, but need to refine and develop other muscles. I bounce a lot to get more sensory stimulation. I am sitting well with support. I am rolling over more often! I am doing well overall! My therapists are happy at the progress I have made!

Please pray that my therapy starts soon and is adaquate and often enough. Pray for my body and mind to continue to heal. Pray for my vision to improve and to be able to see farther away. Pray for my parents to have peace and rest. Thank God for my amazing family and the wonderful progress I have made! Thank you for all your prayers!

More updates at the end of the month!