Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prayers for Katie

Katie is doing great!! I thank God everyday!!
We saw her neurologist Dr. Gurbani on Friday and overall good appointment. But some prayer requests are-
*For seizure activity to STOP. He believes she is still having small, shallow absent seizures.
*No side effects to medication increase. Last time for over a week after her medication increase she was excessively moody and clumsy.
*Healing for her brain. He said that although she is physically 3 years old mentally Katie is 2 years old. She may be in her 2s for another year or two (possibly more). Her brain damage affects her behavior, complete potty training, learning capacity, speech and even singing. Give thanks for who she is and her progress while continuing to pray for healing.
*So specifically Katie's speech is great overall, but her brain has difficulty processing which leads to choppy sentences, incorrect grammar and sentence structure and slow sentence formation. But don't get me wrong for a moment that I don't count my blessings. Last year she couldn't talk with me or share with me. Now she is telling me her favorite part of her trip to Knott's was riding on the horsey with Daddy. And at Disneyland she ASKED to go on the Carousel. Huge steps!! I am thankful, if her progress stopped today I would be at peace, but I KNOW that God has great things in store for Katie. He will use her speech and personality to glorify Him!
*Too much information for some, but pray for complete potty training. It has been a long year of Katie wanting to be potty trained, but still number two is inconsistent in getting it where it should go.
*Lastly pray for compliance overall.
It would be overall more beneficial for Katie (and everyone) if she would cooperate in school and therapy. Also, mom would be able to retain some more sanity.
Katie will be starting school three days a week this week with her existing 3 Occupational therapies a week and 3 Physical therapies a month. In May Katie will have 4 Doctors appointments. So just continue to pray! Thank you! I appreciate each and every prayer!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Continuing the miracle

I never know what to call the updates. But Katie's miracle is continuing every day. I was thinking back to this time last year and noting how though Katie had her lovely, happy, bubbly, determined, independent, joyful personality she was still infantile in many ways. She had no preferences or favorite toy, show, ride at Disneyland. She had no excitement or interest going to Disneyland or the zoo or a restaurant. She made the most of where she was but infantile is the best way to describe her. She could communicate wants and needs, but she couldn't converse with you in even simple ways. She had parrot phrases to answer questions but little spontaneous answers.
A month ago if you asked her about her day at school she would say, "I just eat." Then she started saying, "I goed on bus." Now she is starting to tell me some details. But last year she couldn't tell you anything about her day. You can continue to pray for her speech processing. She speaks so well, but her sentence flow is choppy. I don't know if it is brain processing or simply maturity. I am extremely happy with her progress, but any prayers are welcome.
Her left hand has shown some improvement. She is starting to release objects occasionally. She couldn't do this on command at all 2-3 weeks ago. She has such an amazing spirit!! She tries so hard to use her left hand. She will use two hands to eat a cracker just to involve her left hand. She will try to put food in her left hand to eat. She will use two hands to push her baby stroller. Sometimes I can see the fatigue of her left hand come very quickly, she tries but her hand won't cooperate. She tries so hard and my heart aches that I can't fix it. So I keep praying because I have seen the miracle of prayer!! The progress Katie has made in just the last 3 months is unbelievable!! Thank you for being a part of her miracle!! I am so very thankful for each individual prayer!!!