Thursday, August 26, 2010

August Update

Katie is doing great! At the end of July Katie started vision therapy. This went really well, but she has 3 sessions within a week because the therapist is now on vacation for 4 weeks. Hopefully therapy will start back up September 2nd. The vision therapist works with Katelyn's vision, as well as, an overall sensory stimulation program. The therapist uses light boxes with different inserts and colors, different textured items, different sounds and movements. Her vision improved after the three visits, but has regressed a little since therapy stopped. So, hopefully with consistent vision therapy it will cement in the improvements!!

Her Occupation therapist is very impressed with her sitting and is giving me exercises to get her to weight bear on her left arm/hand and use her left hand more.

Her neurosurgeon is very happy with her head shape and has no concerns for her. She will have another follow up in 6 months! Yeah, the Dr. appts are starting to spread out!

Today Katie had her evaluation with CCS, California Children's Services, a state run program. They provide occupation therapy and physical therapy. Katie has many encouraging signs, but also several warning signs. She has good movement in her pelvis and she can isolate each joint for different movements. She is advanced in her sitting ability. She is using her left side and not neglecting it. Katie has less sensitivity in her left extremities. She is clenching her left toes and this means she could possibly need a leg/ankle brace or shoe inserts later. She is using her left side less than her right. This weakness could cause her to skip crawling, which isn't bad overall, but we want to encourage crawling to facilitate more muscle development. (The funny chance of this is that last night I had a dream that Katie just stood up and started walking.) Katie vision is still delayed and she tracks better with noise than sight alone. But Katie is bright, happy, social and talkative. She finds favor in all that evaluate her! It is definitely a reality check seeing the other children receiving services- Katie could be a whole lot worse off!! I thank God for her progresses!! The therapist brought tears to my eyes praising how well she is doing and how clear it was that I was working with her! They still have another hour and a half left of evaluating to do, but as it stands they are thinking 45 min to an hour twice a week. This would be out of home therapy about 15 minutes away. So, pray as we figure out how we will fit therapy into our schedule! Pray for her vision and left side weakness! Pray for me and John! Thank the Lord for her great progress and for the wonderful blessing she is!