Saturday, January 23, 2010

MRI Results

*Please scroll down to read the previous two posts for full details* The MRI results indicated that Katelyn had had a stroke about 2-3 weeks prior to delivery while she was in the womb. The cause remains unknown at this point but the damage is fairly significant. However, the doctor consulted and decided to wait on surgery. As Katelyn seemed to be doing fairly well, he did not want to try risk a procedure. Surgical options are to remove the blood and/or to place a shunt that would help relieve some of the pressure in the brain caused by the blood and increased fluid.

Katelyn will be monitored closely over the coming week to see if her head increases in size. Since increased head size would indicate further bleeding, surgery would need to be conducted immediately if her head shows any signs of growth. Also, nurses in the NICU will be monitoring Katie closely for seizures, breathing problems, and other problems that might arise.

Jess spent an additional night at the hospital (along with John) and they managed to get a few hours of rest. However, being separated from their newborn has been difficult.

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