Friday, April 3, 2015

Newest prayer request

So, this is one of the harder prayer request to share. I guess because most of Katie's ailments and struggles I simply do my best and I could never be considered at fault. Yet when it comes to her weight I feel I could carry responsibility and it seems more personal. But I have improved her diet and watched her activity level. I am confident in my efforts that her weight gain is not because of me and outside circumstances. She eats significantly less calories than her age and activity level require. Something within her body is off and we've started a string of blood tests to start investigating.  We are not ruling out her seizure meds, but since she has been on the meds for two years and the weigh gain only started last April we are looking at hormones and internal stuff and ruling everything out. All basic blood tests are within a healthy range. She is doing great overall! But her weigh gain is rising dangerously quick and I won't wait it out any longer. I can tell her stamina is dropping as her weigh rises. Her pediatrician is amazing and calls me to discuss her and calls other doctors for advice. After her blood tests results come in next week we will continue to dig deeper. 
Thanks for praying!!