Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am overwhelmed with thankfulness!! I am looking back. Six months ago Katie was just starting to walk, now she is running everywhere and can walk up and down stairs. At Christmas I was excited when Katie said "mouse" and "heart", now Katie can identify more than a hundred things. She can tell me, "Mommy push swing high please." Last year Katie could not see across the room, now she can point to the moon!! Her vision is still a large area of concern. She has trouble seeing clearly from a distance. I accept the fact that she may never be able to drive a car or see beautiful mountains clearly. But I am thankful!! My daughter can see!! My daughter can walk, run, talk and give thanks!! God can continue to work miracles in and through Katie!! I know He will!!

Prayer requests would be for Katie's brain. Katie's eyes are healthy and her vision is perfect until it transfers images from her eyes to her brain. Pray the connections in the brain from her eyes to the place in her brain that process her vision is restored! Pray for complete healing of her brain!! And give thanks to our God who has restored my beautiful baby girl with extensive brain damage to a healthy beautiful toddler with wonderful amazing brain function!!

Thank you God for my beautiful baby girl!! May she be a testimony of your love and faithfulness!! No amount of scientific explanation can explain Katie's amazing progress!!
Thank you God!!!

Thank YOU for all your thoughts, love and prayers!!!