Monday, January 25, 2010

Blood Tests and More

Another day of waiting. While the lumbar spinal tap was originally planned for today, the doctors delayed this because they are apparently unsure whether it will be the most effective treatment to reduce the pressure in Katelyn's brain. The other option is placing a shunt in her skull that would drain the fluid in her brain. The hardest part of this is the fact that the doctors have yet to provide any actual medical treatment for Katelyn - when she is now almost 4 days old. Hopefully, this waiting means that the best medical treatment can be determined but it is certainly hard to wait!

The laboratory has the results of Katelyn's blood tests but are waiting on the results of testing on her parents - Jess and John. The blood tests cover a variety of issues and potential areas of concern. The doctor interpreting the tests stated that infants' blood test results can sometimes be inaccurate and so looking at the parents' blood results can help clarify the results.

Also, a couple of ministry opportunities are available. If anyone knows how to repair a dryer, Jess and John's dryer has quit working and they found out that it would cost at least $100 to make the visit plus parts and labor. What a terrible time for a dryer to stop working! Of course, Jess and John could also use help with doing their laundry in the meanwhile. If you are interested in helping, please do not contact them directly. Instead, please leave a comment here if you are able to help. Be assured there are meal lists being distributed and that meals have already been planned for the next week and a half.

Keep praying for endurance for Jess and John - the trips to the hospital every 3 hours are emotionally and physically taxing. Pray for Katelyn's older brothers: that Johnny does not feel forgotten during this time and for Casey who is unable to visit the NICU and see his sister because he is under 14. Pray that, if medical intervention should be done, that it will be done quickly and that the best course of action can be chosen.


  1. Yes, I would love to help out by doing laundry! Here's my email ( and my phone (714/ 926-5601). Let me know when I should stop by to pick some up =)
    -Beth McCreary

  2. Thanks Beth. Their washer and dryer have now been fixed. However, since Jess and John now have a lot less free time on their hands, your services might still be needed. I'll check and see if they still could use your help... and maybe even try persuading them to accept help. But as of today, all of their laundry is washed and done.
    - Curtis Lehmann

  3. Would love to be added onto the email meal list if one is still going around. :)
    Praying... Amy Kimes