Saturday, January 23, 2010

CT Scan

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Today brought a few encouraging signs for Jess and John. Katelyn was able to breast feed three times. Jess has received a medical-grade breast pump so that she can have milk ready for the baby. The NICU has also given Jess a small doll that she can place nearby while she uses the pump so that Katelyn can have Jess' scent while she drinks the pumped milk.

Medically, there have also been some promising signs. A CT scan was conducted today (1/23) that found that Katelyn did not have any calcium deposits. Apparently this is associated with hemorrhaging and hydrocephalus and can cause infection. The absence of the calcium deposits also helped rule out a couple types of causes of the stroke. Jess and John have informed me that the doctors have 5 potential causes of the stroke that they are looking to rule out. These include viral infections, blood infections, genetic causes, and a few others (sorry I forget now). Blood work was being done to help check out these possible factors.

Jess was discharged from the hospital around 4:30PM today. She and John plan to have dinner with his brother's family, who will watch their son Johnny tonight when they return to the hospital (no one under 14 is allowed in the hospital). Johnny was very happy to see his mother but seemed to be confused about where his sister was. Being a couple weeks away from his second birthday, it would be a wonderful birthday gift if Katelyn could return home healthy by then.

Please pray for Katelyn, Jess and John, older brothers Johnny and Casey, and all of the family during this difficult time. Pray that the doctors make wise decisions and that all the staff are vigilant to her needs during this critical time. Of course, thank God for the technology that helped discover this problem and that will continue to be useful for her care. Thank you all for the prayers you have already prayed. They are a blessing and an encouragement!

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