Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katie 10/2013

Please pray for Katie's vision. I am thankful for all the vision she has! Yet I am concerned that her vision is not as good as it seems. She can't identify me from across the classroom until I talk. She will assume from 20-30 feet off if a person looks similar, for example calling our neighbor "daddy" as he walked by the house. She gets up close and personal when looking at books or watching tv, or playing on my phone. She will only really watch tv when she is within 5 feet or closer. I used to think she just liked to watch tv from a foot away, but now I think she can only see it clearly within close distances. 
And to clarify her visual impairment the damage is within her brain. So, glasses won't help because the images enter her eyes clearly, but the pathways from her eyes to her brain are damaged, so within her brain the images are blurred. So, the prayer request is that God will continue to repair her brain and restore the connections with her brain. 

We see her ophthalmologist on November 4th, so I will reaffirm that it is ok to let her watch tv within such a close proximity, but at the last visit he said not to prohibit or interfere with how she looks at things. 

Below are cute recent pics of Katie! 😊