Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Baby Dedication

I wanted to invite all who have prayed for me to my baby dedication on May 30th at Whittier Area Community Church at 11:15am.

Eye Doctor Report

On Wednesday I went to see the eye doctor. Dr. Mehta said my eyes are good and healthy. The part of my brain that processes vision seems to be healthy and unaffected by the bleed. The nystagmus is a sign that there is damage along the pathway from eyes to the brain. My vision is also behind, it is more at a newborn level than a three month old level, but the Dr said there is nothing that he can do since nothing is wrong. So, that is great news, but just more waiting. We have to just wait and pray that my vision gets better every day! Please pray for my vision! I do not go back to the Eye Dr. for 6 months unless something gets worse.

My Neurosurgeon said I look good as well! He said my head looks very well shaped! The shunt is working well and is draining a little too much fluid, but he said my brain will compensate and make up the difference. I go back in 3 months to see him for a head measurement.

I am smiling and laughing more often! I am getting stronger each day! My focus is on progress in the right direction, not a typical 3 month old development. I am doing great! Keep praying for my vision, no infections and that the shunt continues to work well!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I giggled and giggled again! My mommy tickled my belly and chin and I laughed!
That is the fun news and here is an update on my first two Dr. visits of the month. My appointment with the nuerologist went well! He said everything looks good! I am doing great! He just said we need to continue to pray that the shunt continues to work well, and that no infections develop.
The Occupational therapist said I am making great progress and only slightly behind in my neck strenght. She gave my mom some excerises to do with me. She was very happy that I am bearing weight on my feet and my hands. I still need prayer for my eyes. The Drs. say I have nystagmus, meaning my eyes dance and do involuntary movements. Some cases of this are outgrown and others may be life long and affect my vision and depth perception. So, please pray for my vision! My appointment with the optomologist is this week. I will let you know what he says! Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Katelyn's Facebook Page

Since everyone seems to have a Facebook page these days, we wanted to let you all know that Katelyn now has a Facebook profile! You can add her as a friend by clicking this link to Facebook or (in case that doesn't work) by searching for Katelyn Jeanblanc.

We will still post infrequently to this blog for larger issues but their will be more small updates on her progress there. For example, Katelyn laughed for the first time today when her mother tickled her feet! Also, more pictures and perhaps even video will be posted there.