Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Tests and Treatments

There are a few new updates that we would like to share. Overall, the good news is that Katelyn continues to appear healthy and is eating well. Jess visits the NICU every three hours to feed her. Of course, this is a tiring process and has meant a lot of driving back and forth.

The opthamologist will visit Katelyn tonight to check her vision and her retinas. Tomorrow a lumbar spinal tap has been scheduled. The purpose of this tap is to drain some of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that has been creating pressure in her brain - treating her hydrocephalus. Hopefully, this will decrease some of the cranial pressure, otherwise the CSF will have to be drained through the skull using a shunt. The fluid will also be tested to determine if there are any infections present.

Jess and John will be meeting with the neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss treatment and review her condition. Katelyn has a number of doctors who are working with her: Dr. Choi (pediatric neurosurgeon), Dr. Stea (neurosurgeon), Dr. Gerbani (pediatric neurologist), Dr. Menta (ophthalmologist), Dr. Lu (neonatalologist), and Dr. Nguyen (neonatalologist).

The prognosis is still unclear; however, considering the degree of bleeding in her brain, it is very likely that Katelyn will have some degree of brain damage. The one thing that is certain is that Katelyn will need to be the hospital for a fairly long time. Of course, we can pray for a miraculous healing. We can also pray for proper medical care and for future developments in medical treatment.

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