Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Pictures and MRA Results

Here are a few more pictures of our precious little Katelyn. Also, I'm happy to report that the results of the MRA show that the blood is leaving the brain and that there was no evidence of aneurysm or structural problems with the blood vessels. More good news. It seems that the waiting has not been doing any damage and that Katelyn is getting better! The next step is likely going to be putting in a shunt to help drain the cerebrospinal fluid but that will need to wait until the doctors are confident that most of the debris is clear. A shunt that can be cleared of debris is available; however, inserting that type of shunt requires more recovery time.
Pray that Katelyn's brain can continue to recover and that no further damage, such as another stroke, occurs. We can also simply pray for God's will through all of this.

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