Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday I was encouraged! We have been wondering if Katie's vision is impeding her walking. Yesterday a O&M (Orientation and Mobility) therapist came to our house for Katie's vision therapy and she had many encouraging thoughts! Her job is to help blind or visually impaired children navigate their homes, environment, and world. She came to meet and observe Katie and she was very impressed!! Her opinion was that Katie is meeting a need through scooting~ a vestibular or sensory need. She thinks that her vision is not the reason that she is not walking. We know her vision is MUCH improved, but I didn't really know how to gage her depth perception. The O&M therapist watched Katie scoot, climb, and cruise, she played with her handing her toys and having Katie hand them to her! Through this time her opinion is that her depth perception is just fine. She is able to put pegs accurately in holes, hand toys directly to her hand (not over estimating or underestimating distance of her hand), and Katie didn't hesitate at transitions in flooring. She thinks she is just satisfying a need by scooting, so we can work with her OT to find other ways to satisfy it or she will just mature to walking or both. But encouraging news!!! Now we just have to wait!!! :-) Thank you for your prayers!! Keep them coming!!! Praise God for ALL He has done!!! Thank you!!!

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