Monday, September 12, 2011

Katie's Accomplishments

Katie is still working on walking, but I wanted to share the many cute things she does well!! Katie has been complimented by many on her posture! Often children with visual impairments have a certain posture, but Katie has great upright posture!! Katie often uses two hands to play!!! She definitely favors her right, but often uses both hands very well together!! Katie loves putting on necklaces and loves her beautiful bracelets!! She loves to dress herself- she will put her shirt on her head and will put her right foot into pants successfully!! Pray that she remembers her left leg and foot more. Katie also loves shoes!!!! She will find everyone and anyones shoes and put them on!!!! She has asked her therapists to take off their shoes, so she can wear them. Katie can communicate very well, she does not have a large vocabulary, but she is a great communicator!! In the last week Katie is starting to focus more on her vocabulary~ She is working on up, hot, eat, cup and today's word was bus. She is taking special care to pronunciation, it is quite humorous!! Katie is a cute, lovely, sweet, spunky, adorable little girl!! The Lord has blessed us and shines through her!! Praise the Lord for our little miracle!! I give thanks everyday!!!

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