Thursday, November 10, 2011


Guess who is walking?!?!
Yeah!! She is still scooting and froggy hopping, but now she is walking too! She still has a lot of fine tuning to do with her left foot/stride. But I have tears in my eyes!!! Thank God for Katie and all her miracles!! Thanks be to God!!
I also need to update you on her vision. She went back to the opthamologist in September and back again in October. No real concern at the September appointment,even though her eyes were both turning left spontaneously. He checked her nerves in her eyes and everything was normal. We went back in October to check her eyes again because now her eyes are crossing. He was concerned now with two new eye movements in such a short period of time. The opthamologist now wanted to contacted Katie's neurologist. That was the longest 5 days since the NICU. Knowing everything was probably okay, but wondering!?! So, when the eye Dr. finally called the consensus was to do a CT scan. Long story short, CT scan was unchanged from scan at a month old. This means Katie's shunt is working well and there are no brain problems. So, our prayer is that Katie's strange eye movements are just her brain continuing to rewire itself. Presently the worst case scenario is that her eyes may need common corrective surgery to straighten her eyes.
So, continue to pray for vision to reach 20/20 and her eyes to uncross themselves! Continue to pray for her left leg and stride and walking and her left arm to loosen tightness and rigidness!
Thank you for your prayers!!
Thank God for answering them!!!

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