Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Katie's Eyes

I am writing an update to thank you for all your prayers for Katie's vision!!! At the beginning of summer her vision was rated at a 3 month old level. She could barely see 20-30 feet away. Yesterday we were at Disneyland and she spotted and followed some ducks flying overhead, 50-75 feet up!! I am confident that she can see me up to 50 feet away at home as well. So, praise God for the continued healing!!!
Yet, I am also writing to ask for more prayers!! My initial thought was to wait to report on this prayer request, but I am working on being honest and upfront about my struggles. So, please read and pray...
Katie's eyes have been gazing to the far left. They go in unison and just randomly go off to the left, no one therapist had seemed concerned. It is not a seizure, but I messaged the optometrist even though we have an appointment Oct 14. He got back to me right away and we have an appointment tomorrow. He is concerned about pressure on the nerves or pressure on the brain. So, please pray that it is nothing, just the brain rewiring or reconnecting. I will not let my thoughts wander to what increased pressure means until it is confirmed. So, please pray for the eye turn to be nothing, but please just pray!! I am glad her appointment is tomorrow at 9:45am, it will take at least an hour as he dialates her eyes to examine her nerves. I will update you as soon as I can!! PRAY!!!!! PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!

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