Sunday, January 1, 2012

A look back at 2011

2011 has been a year of great strides for Katie. Last new year Katie was just starting to army crawl and she could sit up. Her vision was at a 3-6 month level. Katie had a few words in her vocabulary. Her left shoulder and arm were very tight and postured tense and tucked in a lot.
Katie went from army crawling to scooting, some froggy hopping here and there and in November Katie started to walk! She loves to walk and climb. She loves to walk up and down steps, and is constantly on the move!! Katie is a very, very busy body. She can pick up the stool and walk with it to get into drawers in the kitchen or to the sink. Katie got fitted for a brace this week. It should be ready in two weeks. She should be showing it off at her birthday party. It will be worn when she is awake throughout the day. They are trying to correct her left foot and ankle, her Achilles tendon is tight and she turns her foot out, and hyper extends her knee. She bears most of her weight on her right leg. She still attends physical therapy and occupational therapy twice a week at CCS.
Katie's vision was measured on May 31, 2011 at a 3-6 month level. Her vision therapy was thankfully increased to twice a week. Her vision and brain connections for vision are still changing. Her vision has improved, but I do not know how much. She goes to the eye doctor next week, Jan 9. I am interested in what he will have to say. I am still concerned about her vision. Her eyes are crossing very often. I am praying for complete healing of her vision, but I am accepting that she may truly be vision impaired. That is difficult to process. But Katie won't let anything stop her from thriving and enjoying her beautiful life.
Katie's vocabulary has grown a lot! She doesn't talk a whole lot, but she can communicate very, very well. She loves to say hi to everyone and bye. Her favorite word is PLEASE!! She can say it loud or sweet and she will hold it out to a 'pleeeeasssse'. And Katie assumes that she will get whatever she wants when she says please. Katie is very independent, very opinionated, very stubborn. She has her own individual joyful personality. She understands much more than we give her credit for. She amazes me daily with something. Her neurologist said he is very happy with her progress. He terms it as Katie will have her own definition of normal. She is doing great. Please keep praying that she continues to progress and that she doesn't have any seizures.
Infant massage made the world of difference in her left shoulder and arm. She still has clear weakness in left arm, but she uses in regularly. She has only a little increased tone in left arm.
Prayer requests to start the new year~
*Katie's eyes and vision, wisdom for opthamologist, that eye crossing corrects and she doesn't need surgery
*Katie's left leg, adjust to brace well, strengthen and correct left leg issues (Long term goal to hopefully no longer need the brace)
*Katie's overall progress continues
*Katie's mom and dad strength for life, patience for Katie's personality, endurance for the draining schedule and doctor's appointments, peace with Katie's normal
Thank you!
Katie's mom, Jessica


  1. Awesome job Jess and John! You've got a beautiful, determined, bright, gorgeous daughter on your hands and have done a wonderful job sticking by her! She is very lucky to have parents like you! <3