Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Years Old

Two Years Old!!!! What?!? My baby girl!!! I can't really say where has the time gone because this has been the longest two years!! Wow!!! Life changed so much two years ago! A great pregnancy, my water broke, a twice as longer labor than Johnny with weaker drugs and awful pitocin, and a serious threat of cesarean section, but natural and wonderful overall!! 7 family members with us at the hospital until at least 2am. I love my family!!! I could not have survived the last two years without my family and friends!! Over 40 Dr visits in 2010 and around 75 therapies, 20 Dr visits in 2011 with nearly 200 therapy appointments. Life has changed!!!
But I AM THANKFUL!!!!!!! So thankful!!!! Thank you God for the miracle in and through Katie!!!
My daughter had a stroke with significant brain damage and is walking, communicating, understanding and beautifully full of God's great JOY!!!! Katie's future is so big and bright!!!
I am not saying I don't have prayer requests for complete healing, but it could have been much, much, much worse.
I have grown immensely in these last two years! My heart reaches farther, my prayers are constant, I am confident in my God and my Faith!! There is no scientific reason for Katie's stroke or amazing, awesome recovery, but God performed a miracle all around with Katie's birth!!
The 16 days in the NICU were the most difficult, gut wrenching, tear filled, stress filled, emotional roller coaster ever. Seeing your two week old after surgery rips your heart out as it takes your breath and leaves you without words! But Katie is Katie- strong, joyful, adventurous, independent, amazing!!

Thank you God for our big problems because we will have a big future!! Thank you God!!

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