Monday, December 10, 2012

The Last Month

Katie is doing great! She is amazing! I wish we all could have her attitude of joy, determination, and adjustment. She has not regained use of her left hand. She has adapted in so many ways! She is using her right hand to isolate fingers on her left hand to touch things. She uses her mouth, lap, teeth, or left arm to take place of using her left hand. She is amazing!!! Simply amazing!
Since she got sick and started having seizures Katie's speech and language has exploded. She can tell you what she did that day, sing more than three words of a song, have a conversation, and repeats more and has longer sentences. So so much more than a month before. The neurologist said seizures can stimulate areas of the brain and it seems it stimulated her speech. Her vision is unchanged. Her strength seems to be back. She has muscle spasms in her left hand at bedtime, so she wears a resting splint to help stretch and relax her hand. She will remain in a leg brace for at least 6 months more, so she will have a new brace soon.  There have not been any side effects of the anti-seizure medicine except a little drooling, and I am fine with that! Most side effects show up in the first 4 weeks, so keep praying for no side effects!
Overall Katie is great, wonderful and perfect; we are just waiting for her left hand! Her orthopedic doctor said he has seen viruses cause paralysis, so that could be what happened here. Hopefully we will find out what happened. In the meantime we pray, take her to therapy, work hard at home and pray some more and wait! Please keep praying! Pray your hearts out for our little sweet girl and give praise for her and her progress! Thank you!
We have our next neurologist appt Friday 12/14/12 at 7:30 am. So, keep praying! GIVE THANKS AND PRAY!!! Thank you so much! You will never know how much your love and support means to us!

We have also started the paperwork for her transition into the school district at 3 years old. Pray for that. Also please pray for me- I have been having health issues that I think are stress related. Mostly tummy stuff that comes and goes to much to be any virus. I truly feel at peace, but my body must still be dealing with the stress. Thank you!

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