Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear God,

Last night Katie prayed for the first time. I asked to pray for her arm and she said no and sat up and said "Dear God." Then she looked at me for a little help, I said "Please help" and she echoed and finished it off with "Please help my arm feel better. Amen" It was moving and sweet, but it made me sad because deep down I want to make her hand better. I am her mommy I want to make her all better, but reality is no matter how hard I try, I can't, but my prayers can and God can! I pray throughout the day for God to heal her. I know and trust that He is with her and He is taking care of her. He has healed her once, He will do it again!
I understand why God says he wants us to have faith of a child because I see Katie's faith and Johnny's faith blossoming into beautiful hope, faith and love!
Dear God, Please help Katie's arm feel better. Amen

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