Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Overwhelmingly Thankful!

So overwhelmed by reality!
Katie's Ophthalmologist took the time to look at Katie's MRI from just after Katie's birth. He showed me where the optic nerve runs from the eye to the back side of the brain where our brain processes what we see. He said he can see the optic nerves and that they were affected by the brain damage. As he scrolled through the image of her brain the difference is clear between the dark spots (dead brain matter) and the living working healthy brain matter. It is overwhelming to see the amount of dark spots in her brain. Her chart says severe brain damage, I know she has severe brain damage, but to really see the large amount of brain damage is absolutely overwhelming. Her seizures have not seemed to affected her vision. Thank God! He does think she has some peripheral voids, but it is a miracle that she can see as well as she does.
There is NO ABSOLUTELY NO medical explanation for Katie and her thriving beautiful amazing progress. It was a bit disturbing that the Ophthalmologist has never heard of seizures causing this kind of paralysis of a specific limb. It is more disturbing that neither have any of the other doctors, nurses, or therapists that I've talked to. I pray that it is the seizures, because it is very scary if it is not. Pray with me that the seizures stop and she starts to use her left hand again! Pray that it is not permanent damage!! Pray for some movement, any movement in her hand!! Pray!!!! PLEASE PRAY!!!!! Our neurologist did not want to discuss the what ifs, so please pray we don't have to explore there!! We have seen improvement in her left shoulder and elbow and leg movement. Her hand is more relaxed but no movement! Pray! Pray hard, pray often!! And GIVE THANKS!! I thank God everyday and even more today because after seeing inside Katie's brain I know GOD did great work at rewiring her brain! He made the most of her healthy brain and has given her such great potential!!

So continue to pray for no more seizures, pray for her medicine to work, pray for movement of her left hand and continued progress on left side, pray for no side effects of medicine as we continue slowly increasing to optimal dosage amount, then give thanks for the great abilities of her healthy brain, give thanks for the rewiring of her brain, give thanks that she can see, walk, talk, communicate, give thanks for Katie! And I will give thanks for you!! I couldn't do it without you!
Thank you!
Thank you a thousands times over!

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