Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 2016

Thank you for all the prayers for Katie! 
This morning around 2am Katie woke up not feeling well. Shortly after she started throwing up, her left arm seemed stiffer and less responsive. Around 3am her left arm and head began convulsing and I knew we were off to the ER. This incident was almost exactly the same as her only other focal seizure in March 2015. She was sweet, joyfilled, talkative, argumentative and brave in the ER. They fished for an IV vein on her right arm TWICE and she didn't cry, scream or fight only said "I don't want it." 
They succeeded at holding her left hand still and getting the IV in that hand. A difficult task with her arm convulsing. Her head convulsed some as well, twitching to the left and her eyes kept turning to the left as well. Within 15-30 minutes of the IV and with Zofran and Ativan medication she was snoring, dead to the world and most importantly no longer convulsing.  About an hour after that we were admitted to the hospital and taken to the pediatric floor. Room 406. She remained asleep for about two hours and only got up to go pee. Katie started becoming extremely irritable when awake and started ripping off the leads and trying to tear off her IV. I would calm her down and she'd fall back asleep. Her last episode was the hardest. She cried for at least 10-15 minutes which felt like an eternity. She wanted her wires off, her IV out and wanted to go home. Though I have peace through her journey I broke at that time and cried along with her. 
She finally stayed awake and coherent enough to eat around noon. She was insistent on eating a cheeseburger and devoured the whole thing with toast and applesauce. Then fell back asleep and has been asleep since then, now almost 3 hours. She was still weak and unsteady trying to go to the bathroom. Hopefully these 3 hours have been enough to bring her back to health. Praying she is physically ready to go home as they prepare to discharge us soon as we  requested. She is mentally ready to go home. 
This is a reminder to always pray for no seizure activity when times are good we forget sometimes what a high risk she is. Any virus or brain injury can start a seizure. 
Pray for no infection of the shunt and its proper function. 
Pray for peace and joyfilled spirit for Katie! 
Pray for wisdom and guidance for her parents! 
Pray for her health as running a daycare makes week day hospital stays taxing on everyone home! 

Thank you for your prayers!! Your prayers make a difference!! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing the details and allowing us the privilege to pray with you for Katie...