Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 2016 Update

Great news since our hospital stay March 16-17 Katie has not had another migraine headache!! She has had a few mild headaches here and there which isn't normal for her, but better than daily ones. Now she has traded daily headaches for daily tummy aches. There are no side effects other than complaining her tummy doesn't feel well. We see the doctor this week, but in the meantime we are focusing on her diet. In the past I counted her calories and she was always within a normal caloric range, but now I am really focused on trying to diminish her refined sugar intake. There is sugar in so much stuff that until you read the label on everything you just don't realize how much. Katie is open and accepting to eating healthier and and eating less sugar. It is a daily journey and we are only a few days into being more strict about it. There's no improvement yet, so pray that through this journey we hopefully can heal her with just more real foods. I am looking into a chiropractor to take her to and additionally get some nutrition support for her.  We are trying to allow her to be a child, but to learn how to eat healthier, make better choices and learn for herself how we feel better when we eat better. Something we all could put into practice more often! 😉

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  1. It was great to read that there have been no more migraines for sweet Katie girl! Diet is always going to be tricky- especially in a culture where SPEED is ranked far above QUALITY. Praying for you on this journey of discovery and healing. Katie is such a joy to know. I am honored she lets me love on ber and tickle her like I do. <3