Thursday, April 18, 2013

Answered Prayers

Thank you for your prayers!! Each week I can see improvements!! We are now where I can say she is potty trained. Her left hand is improving each day!! She can open it upon request. She can clap again with a mostly open hand! Katie can hang from the monkey bars with two hands with her full weight for 20-30 seconds. She had been doing that ALL the time before she got sick in November. In the last month her ability to recall information has started to be established. In February Katie could not recall what we did the day before or what she did at school or any ride we went on at Disneyland. But yesterday she told me she painted a butterfly at school. She can tell you a ride she went on at Disneyland. She can recall that we tried to go to the beach last week and that it was too windy to stay, so we went to a playground. She can share her favorite things. Katie can talk and converse with you!! It is amazing progress from just the last few months!! Thank YOU for praying!! I thank God everyday just watching her play!! Katie is a compilation of so so many answered prayers!!
So now I ask you to continue. It is so hard sometimes! I know she has epilepsy and I have seen many of her absent seizures, but still receiving a call from her teacher at school to report that Katie had two seizures yesterday at school is hard to hear. Please please keep praying that the seizures will stop!! Please pray for her left hand to return to at least where it was last November before everything!! Please pray for wisdom for her doctors!! I left a message for doctor but probably won't hear back until later today or tomorrow.
Again thank you!! Katie is a miracle!! She is our many answered prayers!! Her progress is beyond simple medical and therapeutical improvements, but is held in the hand of our mighty, healing, wonderful God!! Thank you!! Thank you God!!

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