Sunday, January 20, 2013

I can't believe Katie is almost 3

Katie's neurologist appointment was interesting. He sat and looked and looked at Katie's MRI and CT Scan and compared them side by side with the older scans and he found no explanation for her sudden and significant weakness in left arm. He said the only explanation would be a stroke but MRI and CT scan showed no signs. A virus can cause paralysis, but there was no sign or change in the scans. This wonderful, awesome neurologist doctor stated in the midst of our appointment, "Your child confuses me." Not what you want to hear from your daughter's doctor. But he agrees she is special overall. He upped her anti-seizure medication in case her left hand weakness is from continued seizure activity that we don't see. Please pray for the medication! Pray the side effects are temporary to the increase! She has been more groggy, irritable, and clumsy since the increase. Pray that the medication stops any seizure activity and her left side strengthens!
Katie will start school on January 28th in the Arovista special ed preschool program. Her IEP went great and smoothly! It is not finished yet. Eleven total in attendance- different teachers, therapists and psychologist were in attendance and there were 3 that weren't present. We have to meet again to review OT and PT evaluations and agree on her the goals. The most interesting evaluations was the difference between the psychologist's evaluation in December and the teacher's evaluation last week. In December she was scoring below a two year old level, but a month later she was scoring within her age range. She has made great progress in this last month! Her brain has made miraculous progress. She sings so many songs now and makes up her own songs! It is so cute when she puts other peoples names into the songs!
Please pray for her vision, visual processing, comprehension, speech articulation, general memory and repeating back the days activity. Pray for Katie's transition to school and mom's separation from her. Pray for Katie pre-academics and that she will thrive and grow in school. Her pre-academics were her lowest score because we have been so focused on her physical progress and overall stimulation of her brain and vision. I have no doubts in her potential cognitive abilities, but it is something you can pray for.
Thank you for your prayers!!
Thank You God for your blessing and healing! Thank you God for Katie and her miracle!!
Thank you!!!!

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