Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The last month

The last month has been very busy!! Katie got her AFO leg brace for her left leg and tolerates it wonderfully!! We had a big fun birthday party!! Katie had lots of fun with friends and family! Katie had her 2 year check up! She is still very petite! 33" tall and 21 1/2 lbs. The Doctor will keep an eye on her weight, but is not worried as long as it keeps going up! She had her neurosurgeon appt, almost exactly 2 years from her surgery. He is happy with her development and progress and we will only have to go back once a year! Then Katie had her orthopedic appt and they checked her brace, made a few adjustments and improvements!!
Next week we go back to ophthalmologist. Pray as we discuss any surgery possibilities!!
Your faithful prayers work!!! Everyone is impressed with Katie from her progress to how she tolerates the eye patch and brace!! Please keep praying!
Oh, and we started potty training!! Katie is great with peeing in potty, but we are working on the poop. I am not complaining because she gets it overall, so when she is ready to do it all, I am sure she will!!
Thank you!! I love you!! I am thankful for you and your prayers!!!!!

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