Tuesday, August 9, 2011

18 Month Old- Really?!? Already?!?

Katie now 18 months old! Wow! Where has the time gone? This is the longest shortest 18 months ever!! This month is the one year anniversary of Katie staring therapy! So, that means evaluations! That means looking closely at everything Katie can and CAN'T do. Well, let's start with Dr. visits... her vision is at a 3 month old level, she has a small head, she is 2% for weight (20lbs. 3ozs.), she is weak on her left side, not walking, BUT she is doing GREAT!!!! Her neurologist is happy she is who she is!!! His quote was, "It could have been much, much, much, much worse." I could have done without quite so many much's. But what great news! Her evaluators all agree that if you read her medical history, she is not that child any more. She is a little miracle! She should be a lifeless child, with little movement and cognition. Yet, God has healed her and is still healing her!!! Her severe brain damage is unknown to people who meet her today! She is a joyful blessing! She is FULL of LIFE!! Katie is very cognitively aware and is an active, quick non-stop scooter and climber!! She has an attitude and a sense of humor!!

Now, to the evaluations... Katie is NOT walking. She has taken about 4-5 steps, but her steps are few and far between. She is making progress and is strong, but not yet close to being a confident walker. Katie is being referred to a pediatric orthopedic. But Katie IS scooting- fast and everywhere, she started crawling -awkward, funny half bear crawl/bunny hop, climbing- she will be on top of the kitchen table if you don't push in every chair, standing- from sitting and from middle of room, and talking- communicating and repeating.
She is becoming more independent. She is becoming a little girly girl. She loves her bracelets from her aunt, necklaces and shoes.
Praises- Katie is doing so well, she started crawling and is developing more strength, she is taking steps and standing, enjoying Disneyland (last month she was indifferent, less interested and disliked most rides, this week looking around and totally enjoying and interacting on rides), Katie's vision therapy was increased to twice a week (totally unexpected!!!!), thanks to Blind Children's Learning Center and Regional Center, wonderful family and friends
Prayer requests- VISION, that she will make significant progress by next eye Dr appt in Nov., that she starts walking, and does not need braces or special shoes.
THANK YOU for your prayers!!!! Thank you!!!

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  1. That's amazing that they increased her vision services! Also, remember that if Katie does end up with a brace that she may not need it forever but it may be just the thing she needs to get up and walking. Then you'll really be in trouble because I don't think she will ever slow down!