Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I giggled and giggled again! My mommy tickled my belly and chin and I laughed!
That is the fun news and here is an update on my first two Dr. visits of the month. My appointment with the nuerologist went well! He said everything looks good! I am doing great! He just said we need to continue to pray that the shunt continues to work well, and that no infections develop.
The Occupational therapist said I am making great progress and only slightly behind in my neck strenght. She gave my mom some excerises to do with me. She was very happy that I am bearing weight on my feet and my hands. I still need prayer for my eyes. The Drs. say I have nystagmus, meaning my eyes dance and do involuntary movements. Some cases of this are outgrown and others may be life long and affect my vision and depth perception. So, please pray for my vision! My appointment with the optomologist is this week. I will let you know what he says! Thank you for your prayers!

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