Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At 6 Weeks

Time can fly by quickly. Katelyn is now 6 weeks old. Yesterday, Katie was seen by the pediatrician. She is now 8lbs 14oz and physically is doing well. However, today she was seen by the neurologist, who noted that she already is showing some signs of developmental delays. The neurologist pointed out that the way that Katie was holding her head was not age appropriate. He reminded Katie's parents that she has suffered significant brain damage and that they now have to wait to see how much the brain is able to heal. The neurologist suggested that Katelyn needs frequent stimulation - stretching her arms and legs, speaking to her, and holding her.

Coming up at the end of March, Katelyn will be seen by the neurosurgeon and an occupational therapist. At the end of April, she will have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist. Katelyn will also be seen by a hematologist who will do a test on her when she is 4 months to see if she has any blood clotting problems.

As you can tell, Katelyn and her parents could really use your ongoing prayers. Thank you for your continued support!

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