Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 2017 update

In the month of May Katie started to have discomfort and pain in the lower right abdomen. It has never seemed to get worse but it has not gone away. We saw her Dr on May 18 and he was not concerned. On May 30 Katie had another focal seizure. This seizure seemed to take longer to stop with the Ativan. But once it stopped she slept all day and the next day she seemed a little tired and her left arm was fatigued from the seizure but otherwise you'd never know. The Dr gave us a prescription of Ativan to be able to stop anymore seizures at home. We upped her Oxcarbazepine which was stressful as when we last tried to fill her prescription we were informed our insurance no longer covers it and the cost would be $1366. To sum up our search for meds we found a place to fill the prescription for $30 but then weeks later after 5-6 phone calls, I called to find out where our medication was and they don't carry the liquid version of the medication. So here we are weeks later and almost running out.  We found coupons online at GoodRX and were able to get the prescription at Walmart for $350, so still expensive but we saved a thousand dollars. We are looking at another place to get medication but they are not returning my calls. But now I have 3 months to hunt them down. 😁 
But back to Katie's health since her seizure she started having back pain in the area of her kidneys. Her belly is also swollen. We took her to the chiropractor and she said to get her into the doctor. She said it appeared to be the beginning of a bowel obstruction. So I scheduled a dr appt and prepared Katie by saying they will need to run some tests to find out what's wrong. 
We saw her pediatrician on 6/21. On the morning of the appt Katie tried to tell me she was kidding that her back didn't hurt. After I initially yelled at her for lying I saw her fear. I got on the floor and I held her as she cried and told me she was afraid of blood tests. We cried together and I told her to not be afraid or worry. At the dr they did a urine test to test for UTI and an X-ray. In her X-ray they found that she had a back up of poop. So for now we are trying to 'clear' her out. Then when we go back on Wednesday 6/28 if she's still having pain (which she currently still is) then they will run blood tests. We will do another X-ray before seeing the Dr so she can see what's going on inside too. 
It was definitely an unique experience to deal with Katie's fear. She has never shown fear or anxiety of the doctors office or visits in all of her 7 years of life. So please pray for her and her heart as we will probably need to get blood tests done on Wednesday. Please pray for healing and diagnosis as we are trying traditional and natural medicine to help Katie! 

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