Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Miracle

Every time I look at Katie I stand in awe of God's miracle! He has healed her and allowed her brain to rewire in many that are medically unexplainable! He has filled her with such a God given joy that makes every person she meets smile! I dare you to stay in a bad mood when Katie smiles at you!!
Katie still has her issues and obstacles, but overall she is an amazing miracle! Katie is almost 2 and a half and has only been walking for 7-8 months. She has only really started talking about 4-5 months ago. Last year this time Katie could barely see across the room. Katie medical reports list her diagnoses. Katie HAS severe brain damage, her MRI remains unchanged from birth, but God rewired her healthy brain.
I stare at her playing, talking, laughing, running, jumping, climbing and stand in utter amazement at her. She is amazing!! God is amazing!! Her father and I do our best, but our strength lies in God!
Katie's update... is her vision is still questionable, but she can see a plane that is flying low and she was able to see the fireworks! Yay! Katie may still need surgery to correct her eye crossing. And Katie's vision is technically good, but it is the transfer of images from her eyes to her brain that is bad. Glasses can not help her brain process her vision better. So we pray her brain continues to rewire! She will continue to get vision therapy from Blind Children's Learning Center until she is transferred to the school district.
Katie is doing well physically. Her orthopedic doctor says in 6 months he will see if she even needs a new leg brace at all. Her physical and occupational therapists are in disbelief at her abilities. Katie is finally cooperative (most of the time) in therapy. They say she is the best way to start their Monday mornings! She is capable of most everything! She is improving at climbing up and down stairs. She runs and jumps! Her therapists have had to chase her down during therapy. Katie will have physical therapy and occupational therapy once a month from August until she enters the school district at 3 years old. That will be an adjustment as the last 2 years we have had 3-4 therapies every week.
Katie's neurologist was very happy with Katie's progress. He thanked us for never giving up on her. We just need to keep stretching her left arm and leg and encourage her to use her left arm as much as possible. Katie uses it all day but her left arm is stiff, awkward, weak. BUT she willing uses it!!
Thank you God for my beautiful sweet amazing miracle daughter!! Thank you for my heart and growth!
My heart has grown, as well as my prayer list! I continue to pray for other children and parents who have regular therapies or multiple doctors or surgeries or diagnoses or hospital stays!! My heart is with you!! May God bless you!!
Thank you for all your faithful prayers!! Thank you for being part of Katie's miracle!! Thank you!!

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