Monday, January 17, 2011

Almost One Year Old

Katie has made some huge strides this last month!! Katie started to army crawl December 20th! She has mastered that and she typically now uses her left arm and right foot to crawl. She does a nice little bottom scoot that she is getting better at, but we try not to encourage this mode of movement. Katie can say a few words, she has said: all done, hi, bye, and night night. Katie can move smoothly from sitting to crawl and just today has mastered going from crawling to sitting. She still has trouble rolling over sometimes, she reminds me of a turtle stuck on her back. So, please pray for that! We are trying to encourage her to crawl on all fours. We are ecstatically happy she is army crawling, it has made an enormously, huge difference in the strength in her left shoulder. But crawling on all fours develops coordination with her knees and elbows and will strengthen different muscles. We are working on pulling to stand. This is awkward because of her weakness, but she can do it with some help. Please keep praying!!! Katie has come a very, very long way, but she still has a ways to go. Please just keep praying!!!!! Katie has her follow up evaluation with the Regional Center this week, please pray she continues vision therapy!! Her vision is still delayed, but it is definitely improving! Katie's CCS evaluation will be next month. Next week she has her one year check up and an appointment with her neurosurgeon.

Katie had a great Christmas! She helped open many gifts. She had lots of fun with the paper and boxes! She received a lot of great gifts! Thank you!! Oh, and she had a great time meeting her great grandpa and lots of family in Oregon after Christmas!! Here is to a Happy New Year!

One last prayer request is for me- her mom! This next few weeks will be emotional as the anniversary of everything happening! The news, the NICU stay, her surgery, her recovery process, but I am focusing on her amazing, wonderful progress!!!! Just pray for me too! Thank you, thank you for all your prayers!!!

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