Thursday, October 7, 2010

September Update

September has been a busy month. Katie resumed vision therapy and started CCS, California Children's Services, with occupational therapy and physical therapy on September 20th. The evaluation results present Katie as an age appropriate baby! Katie was approved for therapy for an hour twice a week, half an hour OT, half PT. Her therapist enjoy her, but she doesn't always enjoy working for them. Just pray she continues to learn and practice the new skills. Pray for her to extend up on both arms, while on her tummy, so she can start crawling soon! Crawling isn't a necessary milestone, but is important for cognitive development! Please pray for her left arm and left foot! Pray for complete healing and progress!

We went to see an optomologist through Southern California School of Optomology. The main Doctor works with the Blind Children's Learning Center. Her vision is progressing. We were concerned about a head tilt Katie started in the end of August, but it seems be a way to focus better with her nystagmus. We feared it may be pockets of undeveloped vision, but it does not seem to be the problem. She is roughly 2-3 months delayed in her vision, so significant at 8 months, but not in the big picture. She should continue to progress, so please keep praying!

I also had the guts to ask about her cognitive level. The opinions are very optimistic! They say Katie's social abilities are wonderful and that is a great sign, as well as, she seems to be a good thinker and problem solver. I.E. in therapy instead of using her left hand to pick up her pacifier, she will bend in half and try to just pick it up directly with her mouth. We are truly blessed with a beautiful, joyful daughter!

On September 19th Katie got her first tooth! Also that same week she start scooting on the floor. She is on her belly, and only pulls with one arm. It is like an army crawl in a circle, but she is starting to move! This is exciting since this is where she scored the lowest on her evaluation, locomotion, or basically moving (rolling, crawling, scooting, walking).

We went back September 16th and visited the NICU, where Katie spent the first 16 days of her life. There were a few nurses and therapists that remembered her. They took her picture and current info to post it in their lunch room. It was scary to go back, but neat to see everyone and take her home. A healing moment for Mommy!!
Thank you for all your prayers! Keep them coming!!

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