Sunday, July 11, 2010

Physical therapy

So far this month has been productive. On June 30th I qualified for physical therapy through the state funded Regional Center of Orange County. This is a good and bad thing. Good because I can get the physical therapy I need and deserve, but bad because it means that I am at least 33% delayed in gross motor skills. The evaluator observed that some of my delays may be as a result of my vision delay. So more good news I also should get vision therapy through Blind Children's Learning Center. I say 'should' because until it is on paper I don't get my hopes up. Many services are done in home and we are praying that I qualify for an in home program.
I had another occupational therapy appointment this week and it went well. I am doing really well in some areas and my mom got exercises for me to do in other areas. I am very strong, but need to refine and develop other muscles. I bounce a lot to get more sensory stimulation. I am sitting well with support. I am rolling over more often! I am doing well overall! My therapists are happy at the progress I have made!

Please pray that my therapy starts soon and is adaquate and often enough. Pray for my body and mind to continue to heal. Pray for my vision to improve and to be able to see farther away. Pray for my parents to have peace and rest. Thank God for my amazing family and the wonderful progress I have made! Thank you for all your prayers!

More updates at the end of the month!

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