Friday, February 5, 2010

Katelyn's Surgery

This morning, Katelyn underwent shunt surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain. She went in a few minutes after 10:00, and the doctor came out to talk with the family about 11:40. He said that the surgery went smoothly, that the shunt fit properly, and that there were no immediate complications. Everything went as planned! We have already been able to see Katelyn, as she is back in the NICU. She has incisions at the back of her head and in her upper abdomen. Her temperature was slightly elevated but now seems to be coming down. She has not woken up fully yet and we hope that she will be able to eat soon.

This morning was particularly stressful for Jess and John as the doctors discussed an alternate surgery that could be performed just before Katelyn was going to go in for surgery. Jess and John had learned about this procedure last night after speaking with the neurosurgeon that would be doing the operation. This doctor shared that he was recommending this surgery. Jess and John did a little research after learning this and were preparing themselves emotionally for this new surgery. The surgeons, however, had not fully collaborated their decision. After they had, they stayed with the VP shunt process because the ETV procedure was not as successful for infants under six months and that VP shunt surgery was the better option. After this consultation, Jess and John feel like they made the right decision - and the doctors both recommended they stay with the shunt.

Katelyn will be in the NICU until the doctors decide she is able to go home, probably within the next 2-4 days. She will then have scheduled follow-up appointments and possibly home visits by a nurse. Pray for her recovery - that she will not have an infection develop, that she won't have a seizure, and that the shunt can function properly.

Thanks for the prayers! Today was a big day and we're glad that it seemed to go well!

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